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The Temple of Angels

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The Temple of Angels

Aisho Love
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This virtual sisterhood temple community is created by Goddess & Empyrean Priestess, Poet, Mentor & Soul Guide, Aisho Love. This sanctuary space is for women seeking further feminine liberation, soul empowerment & elevation inside of weekly consciousness community calls, meditations, spirit support groups, prayer circles & so much more.

Aisho is known for her ability to empower, remind & guide those back home to their divine power, purpose & potential. She helps those to remember the connection that they have to their creator (God, Source, Spirit, etc.) and how to become further liberated from remembering the truth of their divinity & their sacred presence upon this planet.

The Temple of Angels Community is purposed to provide a safe space for all women who wish to re-connect to their innate feminine wisdom, guidance, mastery & presence of their souls.

All while reclaiming the depths of self-love, liberation, freedom, empowerment, expansion, etc. & meeting their soul sisters/ soul family inside!

The level of safety, wisdom & healing that is cultivated weekly inside of this growing angel community is INDESCRIBABLE & will only call those sisters who wish to purely walk their journey back home to soul remembrance & rebirth!

This isn't just another virtual community space. This is a MOVEMENT for women who feel the call to rise & unite in empowerment together as living angels on earth.

Healing the sisterhood wound once and for all and having this safe space to openly share our hearts, minds & spirits with one another.

We are Priestesses. Mystics. Magicians. New Earth Divine Feminine Leaders. Healers. Teachers. Artists. Wayshowers. Paradigm-Shifters. and sooooo much more.

The Temple of Angels: Community Schedule:

Our weekly rebirth calls, meditations, prayer circles & more will take place every Sunday via Zoom @11:11am HST/ 2:11pm PST/ 4:11pm CST/ 5:11pm EST

The Temple of Angels Membership Includes:

* Weekly Support Groups, Mentorship, Masterclasses, Meditations & more.

*Includes all archives of Temple of Angels calls, classes, circles, etc.

*Empowering & nourishing sisterhood connections + safe space containers.

*A private sanctuary telegram group chat & first chance offers in joining future Temple of Angels x Community Retreats, Meetups & more!

✧ ༄ ✧

I am overflowing beyond words, to walk this journey home with you beloved.

Welcome inside babe. xx

And congratulations, on listening to the intuitive whisper that led you here to the blessed space of The Temple of Angels. This sisterhood is something special & feels like home to the earth angel soul.

Love you dearly.

Your angel sis,

Aisho Love



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